Web site builder!

How many of you have ever build a full functioning interactive website?

Wow!  What a task!

It’s the learning that takes the time up front.  All the left brain stuff.

Then there’s planning for effectiveness.  This can be a trial & error process, especially with no prior experience in web design.  Going on personal interest, from appeal & attraction, I’m learning to watch the site stats as changes are made.

If you can make it through all that with your creativity intact, you should feel great about yourself!  It is a different feel than paint, clay, hammer, & nails creativity.  More mind numbing without the physical interaction with the art.  Though, when it is effective in its purpose, the task brings its own gratification, more free time & exposure!

Working for free up front for a longer payout in effectiveness is always a learning experience.

So, feel free to share your website stories, & your new ventures! 

Happy web surfing!