Expanding Again!

We are expanding!

IRIS Insured is expanding! We are looking for people who have a desire to help others through protecting families with Mortgage Protection, Final Expense and Retirement protection products. We represent 20 different carriers as an independent agency.

(Currently focused on training for Retirement protection with select carriers through online sales.)

A rated Carriers!  You choose the product that’s best for your client.

Top of the line Productivity and Leadership training!

Exclusive Leads!

Proven Sales system!

Build your own team and make that passive income you always dreamed about!

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Updated on April 29, 2013

We are interviewing licensed Life insurance agents in several States. Also interviewing appointment setters in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, & South Carolina. Individuals from other States may call to inquire of future opportunities.

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IRIS Insured is implementing a Business & Life Coaching program to improve the efficiency, habits, relationship skills, & personal lives of our agents.  This is to the benefit of our clients as we train new agents to be respectful of your time, focus on listening to you, & work as a team to efficiently meet your needs.  Each of our agents specializes in some area of the insurance industry.  Each of them are willing to introduce you to the expert you need to meet with.  We work together for your benefit.

Do you have a Coaching program included in your benefits plan?

Short Term Health Insurance

Do you know anyone graduating this semester?

Many students will be completing their degree before Christmas.  Then comes the job search.  Most companies have a 90 day wait on providing benefits for new employees.  Besides that, there is a competitive supply of unemployed individuals looking for the same open positions.

For many students, once their student status has ended, there is a short time before loan payments begin.  Also, there is often an end to some income sources.  Whether it be campus employment, grants, loans, or simply moving away from a current job, graduation usually means a change in income.

So, are you considering a Graduation gift for the recent Graduate in your life?  Are you considering a Christmas present for the same Graduate?  Consider Short Term Health Insurance.  You can help them lower their budget & give them peace of mind as they go on the search for that first professional position!

There are many companies that offer Short Term Health coverage.  You may purchase as few as 3 months if someone is starting a new position right away.  For the intern you can provide 6 months or more than a year’s worth if the new Grad wants to travel a bit before entering their new field.

Having insurance in place makes it easier to gain individual coverage later.  This way if the individual decides to take a position that doesn’t offer group coverage, they can purchase their own without waiting periods for coverage.  The Grad can always take over payments when they start bringing in a paycheck when they want to increase coverage or simply be more responsible for their own independence.

For more information on what’s possible with Health coverage for groups & individuals call 479-259-2159 or email a request to service@irisinsured.com

Web site builder!

How many of you have ever build a full functioning interactive website?

Wow!  What a task!

It’s the learning that takes the time up front.  All the left brain stuff.

Then there’s planning for effectiveness.  This can be a trial & error process, especially with no prior experience in web design.  Going on personal interest, from appeal & attraction, I’m learning to watch the site stats as changes are made.

If you can make it through all that with your creativity intact, you should feel great about yourself!  It is a different feel than paint, clay, hammer, & nails creativity.  More mind numbing without the physical interaction with the art.  Though, when it is effective in its purpose, the task brings its own gratification, more free time & exposure!

Working for free up front for a longer payout in effectiveness is always a learning experience.

So, feel free to share your website stories, & your new ventures! 

Happy web surfing!