Working Together (just 2 rules)



1 thought on “Working Together (just 2 rules)

  1. What’s in the best interest of the customer, the company, & the country. The government obviously knows what is best for the public when it comes to health insurance, but what is best for our country when it comes to freedom of speech? Or are there lines we should be more concerned with between constitutional rights, personal opinion, consumer safety, and a need for acceptance of a new law?

    This picture comes from the AGT Phase 3 Training course in AR. So, be aware that your Assister should not be expressing individual ideas or personal opinions with you when you enroll. They should simply be sharing the facts about the marketplace. If they are a licensed broker/agent, they should be able to suggest the plan best suited for you as a client (patient may be a better term now considering that Assiters are health care professionals). If you are working on payroll or in a cooperative relationship with an Assister, feel free to remind them to keep personal opinions out of the work you are doing.

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