Opportunity & Focus

There has to be a balance to efforts.  Time is valuable.  Spending energy & resources is necessary to living.  The daily lesson seems to fall in the evaluation of every opportunity that comes our way.  We are constantly determining our focus with the decisions we make.

The biggest factor in effectiveness & efficiency seems to come from our ability to take advantage of opportunity & how well we are able to focus.  I’m learning constantly that my ability to focus comes from how I define & evaluate an opportunity.  As we know, opportunities are best for the prepared & available individuals.

(determine your plan & all others are not opportunities for you, but maybe for your team.  If you refer an opportunity to a team member, you benefit without having to weaken your focus.  Is it good for your team mate?  let them decide or invest the time in getting to know them well enough to know what to send their way.  )   When I was a kid, I had 2 brothers that I grew up with.  I would often delegate who got what when it came to purchases, when there were several options.  We could all share the purchase as brothers.  So is true with teams.