Early Risers

Are you an early riser?

Any more, it’s hard to say what early is.  As the world seems to spin faster & faster.  Fast enough that we work & do business 24/7, even 8 days a week for some on a swing shift.

Early Risers may even be a term for something other than people who get up early.  It’s easy to stumble into buzz words & slang when you speak over long distances.  For here, we are talking about people who get up to be productive or simply enjoy the day at a time they consider early.

Is that you?  When is early? 

It’s only 5:40 am here.  Though early here depends on how yesterday ended, either early or late.  Life happens around the clock, or at least the clock gives measure to the pace of life.

So, what do you do & How do you determine when it is early? 


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