Opportunity & Focus

There has to be a balance to efforts.  Time is valuable.  Spending energy & resources is necessary to living.  The daily lesson seems to fall in the evaluation of every opportunity that comes our way.  We are constantly determining our focus with the decisions we make.

The biggest factor in effectiveness & efficiency seems to come from our ability to take advantage of opportunity & how well we are able to focus.  I’m learning constantly that my ability to focus comes from how I define & evaluate an opportunity.  As we know, opportunities are best for the prepared & available individuals.

(determine your plan & all others are not opportunities for you, but maybe for your team.  If you refer an opportunity to a team member, you benefit without having to weaken your focus.  Is it good for your team mate?  let them decide or invest the time in getting to know them well enough to know what to send their way.  )   When I was a kid, I had 2 brothers that I grew up with.  I would often delegate who got what when it came to purchases, when there were several options.  We could all share the purchase as brothers.  So is true with teams.

Early Risers

Are you an early riser?

Any more, it’s hard to say what early is.  As the world seems to spin faster & faster.  Fast enough that we work & do business 24/7, even 8 days a week for some on a swing shift.

Early Risers may even be a term for something other than people who get up early.  It’s easy to stumble into buzz words & slang when you speak over long distances.  For here, we are talking about people who get up to be productive or simply enjoy the day at a time they consider early.

Is that you?  When is early? 

It’s only 5:40 am here.  Though early here depends on how yesterday ended, either early or late.  Life happens around the clock, or at least the clock gives measure to the pace of life.

So, what do you do & How do you determine when it is early? 

Virtual ! Yes

We live in a real world.  We work in a real world.  We have access to a vast landscape of information, art, opportunity, & expansion in communication beyond any previous generation in the history of our Real world.  This is possible because of the virtual world our modern lives are plugged into.  The internet.


Though, there is this question that should be asked:  Do we really have access to a more vast virtual world than generations past?


What was the opportunity the imagination allowed all previous generations?  We are where we are because of the genius, hard work, & the well handled responsibilities of others who went before us.  Where does a mind or a hand come up with a wheel or a light bulb or a machine that flies?


Now in recent times, we have made great strides in technology.  Life is more convenient than ever.  We can know anything in a few moments through the virtual web, but do we think?  Are we using our technology to advance & create new things?  Are we making life better, or just adding more information & gadgets?  Are we just improving slightly in the aspects of a few creations?


The potential for people in our time is awesome!  Though, it seems that most of the great things we have are only working toward the assimilation of a comfortable culture in the most advanced societies.  The real strides of our time still take place on the front lines of struggle or at least where people take the time to think.


So, why don’t people think for themselves?  Probably because it is inconvenient.  There are plenty of answers surrounding us all.  Many answers come in the form of commercials, which are the largest form of public education funded by the consumers.  It is said that questions determine answers.  Though, in a world full of answers, it takes decisions based on reason to select the best answer.  The questions in our time simply point us in a direction.  It takes responsibility to find a good answer to any current question.  So, for those who don’t like decisions, there are many ready made answers.  Where to work, eat, what to buy, drive, how to look, who to be, who you should be, your point of view.


There is power in the human mind.  The compounding of ideas that takes place when someone is willing to dream & imagine is amazing!  It is possible to be robed of this gift of imagination when constantly flooded with others ideas.  Taking a time to pause & listen to silence might do a lot to advance our world.  Then we can let our own thoughts shape the information we let in to create something new!  Hopefully you have filled your mind with enough constructive material to form productive thoughts.


It is simply amazing that out of a vast world of silence, we received so much movement & sound.  From a world less busy than today, from quiet moments, we received a vast world of technology that has created a vast world of noise, and the advances in our time still seem to come from moments of pause.


Who is pointing your direction?  Do you think for yourself?    How do you know?  Maybe your next moment of peace will lead to the next leap of advancement in our modern world.